Peanut Monkey

Nicole S. Kelly is a children's book author and has written 14 books in the Peanut Monkey series. Peanut Monkey is a series of books about a curious, confident and cheeky character who finds himself, unwittingly, in various situations where he feels overwhelmed and always manages to find a solution.

These books are aimed at children between 3 to 8 years of age, however the books have a special message for any child to help empower them in all sorts of situations they too may find themselves in.


Book 1: Peanut Monkey Up High

When Peanut Monkey finds himself seemingly stuck at the top of a tree, he wonders how he will come down.

Will he need help or will he find it within himself to work out a solution?


Book 2: Peanut Monkey Learns to Ride a Bike

Peanut Monkey wants to play with the cool monkeys and feels excluded because he can't ride a bike. He wants so much to be like the cool monkeys and do what they do... He even borrowed his sister's bike to teach himself to ride.

Peanut's next adventure will inspire you to get back on your bike and always do what you love anyway!


Book 3: Peanut Monkey Sails the Seven Seas

Peanut Monkey loves playing at the beach. Entranced by the boats gliding past, he built himself a boat. When his boat drifted out to sea, he wondered what happened to it.

Where did it go?

Where does your imagination take you?


Book 4: Peanut Monkey and the Mystical Mushroom

Peanut Monkey and his friend Bubbles love going on adventures together. When Peanut discovers more than he’d imagined down a dark path he realises that some adventures are better shared.

Where will his curiosity take him? 


Book 5: Peanut Monkey Goes Faster

Peanut is challenged to a bike race down The Big Hill by the other monkeys. Keen to be part of their group, he accepts their invitation.

When race day arrives, he feels really nervous. Will the older monkeys laugh at him if he can't keep up?

Coming soon.

Book 6: Peanut Monkey Gets Lost

All the other monkeys are scared of Hoo, the cantankerous neighborhood owl. When Peanut meets him, he seems friendly, although Peanut isn't sure about Hoo's wise advice. 

Who is Hoo?

And is he really as scary as the other monkeys say he is?

Illustrations and book coming soon.