Peanut Monkey

Nicole S. Kelly is a children's book author and has written 14 books in the Peanut Monkey series. Peanut Monkey is a series of books about a curious, confident and cheeky character who finds himself, unwittingly, in various situations where he feels overwhelmed and always manages to find a solution.

These books are aimed at children between 3 to 8 years of age, however the books have a special message for any child to help empower them in all sorts of situations they too may find themselves in.

Book 2
Peanut Monkey Learns to Ride a Bike

Written by Nicole S. Kelly
Illustrated by Bruce Rankin & Sophie Sirninger Rankin

In the latest book Peanut Monkey finds himself wanting to fit in with his peers while learning to ride his bike. Upon being rejected by his peers he goes off on his own and finds a way to help himself and in his own endeavours to learn to ride his bike he finds a new genuine friendship.

Intro: Alone - apart from the group of peers.
Mid: Rejected by the group, ‘has a go’ at riding by himself.
Fin: Another monkey approaches and asks to join him - becoming friends.
Character undisturbed: Alone, yearning to fit in with the group.
Growth: Makes his own fun and makes a new friend.

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