Nicole S. Kelly is the author of children's book series Peanut Monkey, Mamma of Invention blogger and creator of WONDERbility - a way she can share some of our favourite children's stories with children of all ages to empower them and their imaginations.

When she’s not up a tree herself, with a saw in one hand, the washing line in the other and one foot on the neighbour’s fence (true story), parading the city’s main train station with her dress accidentally tucked into her underwear, inadvertently showing more leg and buttock than she’d wish (also true), Nicole likes, trying new things, such as growling at and facing-off the alpha-male monkey after it bit her (yes, that’s true too - although that was actually scarier than enjoyable), being outside and making life fun - yet not too odd - for herself and her children.

Nicole often finds herself out of her depth and somehow always manages to swim safely back to shore!

Nicole has written eight stories - to date - in the Peanut Monkey series of stories. Her quest with the adventures of Peanut and friends is to inspire children to be their own hero, to explore outside, evaluate risk and address emotional intelligence.

She also produces audio children’s stories via WONDERbility, encouraging children - and adults - to allow their imaginations to run-wild and create their own imaginings. If she told you that the second Little Pig's house (in the story of “The Three Little Pigs”) is made of healthy veggies and that the wolf has to eat through the chimney made of brussel sprouts... There it is, you have it in your head already. Providing illustrations - or indeed animations - would just take away your own magic! And yes, she really did crunch into a raw brussel sprout for the sound effect...

Nicole lives with her two curious, vivacious children and dog near Melbourne. Recently, they moved to enjoy the beach life of Phillip Island and are out in nature exploring their new Island home.

You can see how Nicole does her own stunts and writes her own scripts.

Story Telling Appearance

You can arrange for a special story telling appearance at your local:

  • Bookstores
  • Cafes
  • Libraries
  • Community radio stations
  • Children's birthday parties
  • Mums & bubs playgroups
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