Peanut Monkey

Nicole S. Kelly is a children's book author and has written 14 books in the Peanut Monkey series. Peanut Monkey is a series of books about a curious, confident and cheeky character who finds himself, unwittingly, in various situations where he feels overwhelmed and always manages to find a solution.

These books are aimed at children between 3 to 8 years of age, however the books have a special message for any child to help empower them in all sorts of situations they too may find themselves in.

Book 3

Peanut Monkey Sails the Seven Seas

Written  by Nicole S Kelly
Illustrated by Bruce Rankin & Sophie Surninger Rankin

When Peanut Monkey's little boat floats out to sea, he waits for it to come back. What does he do when it doesn't come back?