'Just Keep Swimming Dory.' Oh, and Look, Book Number FOUR!

Just wow! This year just gets better and better. 

I won't sugar-coat it, it's been nothing short of tumultuous and is certainly giving 2011 a run for its money. Life has, at times, seemed overwhelmingly chaotic and of course, again, I'm still making inroads and still striving to follow my passion to encourage resilience and courage through children's stories.
And moving house again.
It's taken me so long to realise the irony that nothing is in my control, yet everything is. There is nothing I can do when the process(es) is/are unfolding but to control my focus. Am I feeding the distraction? Am I feeding my fear? If there was a best outcome, where do I need to focus? 

And then this.

This new book, Peanut Monkey and the Mystical Mushroom, my fourth (self-)published this year. Again Bruce and Sophie have exceeded my expectations with their illustrations. And also, in true author styley, I'm putting the last finishing touches to the manuscript when the illustrations are already finished.

Just when I was thinking of getting a proper job, another breadcrumb in direction of my path to my future. I'd better take notice, because some of the breadcrumbs are now glow-in-the-dark cobblestones. I may still take that proper job in the interim, but that light at the end of the tunnel is brighter this week, propelling me to keep marketing, building, connecting and 'just keep swimming Dory'. 

Maybe I'll write a line like that one day. One that people repeat to themselves to spur themselves through adversity.
Meanwhile, today, this year keeps getting better and better.