It's all about the joy of sharing children's stories that empower imaginations, children's and adults' alike.

The joy of sharing our favourite children's books.

WONDERbility was started by Nicole S. Kelly and is about sharing children's stories from past generations.
WON.DER.bil·i·ty [wuhn-der-bil-i-tee]
1. power, capacity or potential to experience wonder.
2. ability to be filled with curiosity; awe; marvel.

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Storytelling Appearances

Children get to much enjoyment form storytelling. Here are a list of my appearances:

August 2017
Tues. 1st - Melbourne Montessori
Fri. 25th - Newhaven Primary School

July 2017
Mon. 3rd - 11am-2pm Wonthaggi Plaza
Tues. 4th - 11am-2pm Wonthaggi Plaza
Wed. 5th - 11am-2pm Wonthaggi Plaza
Sat. 8th - 11am-2pm Williams Landing Shopping Centre
Wed. 12th - 11am-1pm Cowes, Woolworths complex
Thurs. 13th  - 11am-1pm Cowes, Woolworths complex
Fri. 14th - 11am-1pm Cowes, Woolworths complex

More dates coming soon.

Spreading the joy of storytelling around the world.


A local teacher from Gippsland, Sigrid Jeffery, took copies of Peanut Monkey™ books to Stepping Stones school in Cambodia, where she regularly volunteers during her holidays. Stepping Stones is based in Kok Thnot, near Siem Reap and provides free high quality education and also improves access to healthcare facilities.

Listen to some of the stories Nicole S. Kelly shares: