As if Out of Nowhere an Oasis Flourishes...

If you want an oasis, start pulling up the weeds. Dig some more, and find the roots. You can plant more of the plants that you love. You can fertilise the plants that you love. You can prune and shape the plants that you love.

But unless you address the weeds, your garden will continue to grow into a tangled mess.

Those suckers use nutrients in the soil and take up space. You can spend all day pulling up the weeds you can see, and yanking at the roots... And guess what?

Tomorrow another weed will appear.
One that had laid dormant under the ground until you made space for it to grow towards the light.

Then you’ll pull that one up too. Because growth never ends. You can count the weeds or you can enjoy what is unfolding and how far you’ve come.

Like life, comparing your garden to someone else’s is futile because you don’t know what weeds and poisons they had to overcome before designing their landscape and planting their seeds and saplings. You can only create from where you’re at with the tools and soil/soul you have right now.

2018 was one of my worst years ever.
Or was it?

If my life in 2018 was a garden it would have looked like someone was digging a quarry with random piles of earth in parts and a complete quagmire in others.

Finally the seeming annihilation brought me to a point where I could see the foundations of beliefs that had brought me to these situations. My choices had lead me to here because I had either been unaware of any other options or that I deserved anything better.

In the words of an endearing yet unwitting mentor,
“sometimes life demands that you grit your teeth and either keep pushing on or invoke plans X,Y & Z.”

An oasis doesn't just grow out of nowhere. We’ve gotta do the work, pull the weeds, prepare the soil and invest in something that will thrive in that habitat.

As 2019 unfolds, those deep ditches provide a scene on which to prepare new landscapes. Landscapes which provide aspects and microclimates to sow new beginnings.

You never know what might flourish in that space where you just pulled that weed from. It might just completely change your outlook.