We will continue knowing family violence as long as...

For as long as judges, family lawyers, social-workers and psychologists are invested in maintaining the status quo and standing for the rights of adults, children will remain commodities in the family law system, and their physical, emotional & psychological safety is at best compromised, at worst, collateral damage in a system invested in its own prolonging, and we shall continue knowing family violence.

How do we address the vested interests of those in a self-perpetuating
legal system so reliant on families’ trauma and ongoing conflict?

As a society we are caretakers for the next generation(s) and we have a responsibility to do the best by them that we can.

Where there is no responsibility for the children’s well-being and there is a history of family violence, we have an obligation to insist adults’ rights to be involved in the children’s upbringing be earned. And regularly monitored.

To stop family violence, you have to know what it is. Family violence is anything that makes someone else in the family feel (physically, emotionally, psychologically, sexually or financially) unsafe. Threats, coercion, bribery, isolation, punishment -all popular parenting techniques- are part of the dysfunction.

It’s time to wake up. 

It’s time to question our conditioning in our homes and in society. How can we support vulnerable families instead of allowing the legal system to exploit them and spit them out the other side of processes that minimise their lived experience of violence? What pattern interrupts might change outcomes -for the better- for future generations?

How are you prepared to be part of a solution?

#stopfamilyviolence #bethechange