Last Minute Edit.

I am Goddess of last minute anything. One friend comments how often we have a conversation and I say something like "I completely turned it around!", usually at the last minute.

The book four illustrations arrived last week and coincidentally, I was working on another project with someone else and we were discussing how book four fit in to the series. I’m still wrangling with how to extract and describe book four’s lessons. That manuscript typed itself so easily & screams of being autobiographical, but what of the lesson(s)? I question if indeed there is a lesson or if it is pure whimsey and distraction.

In the book Peanut goes on a journey taking him deep inside the mushroom. He meets a couple of minor challenges, but nothing life-changing, and then he ends up where he was. Happy. Although he was already happy. His initial call to action was nothing more than his curiosity. But his curiosity didn’t get him in to any trouble as such.

Maybe the lesson is that sometimes the journey takes us on a tangent to show us something so when we come back to what we love, we appreciate it more. It’ll come to me.
Probably at the last minute.